The Little Things

Small gestures can mean the world to people.

I have a drain sticking out of my liver – it goes from my bile duct and sticks out through my ribs. It is incredibly uncomfortable – requires heavy duty pain medication to manage. I don’t like the pain medication at all – it makes me groggy and unwell. Not to mention I need to take an anti-emetic (gravol, Dramamine) in order to eat. I do take them most of the time, since the body heals better when it’s not fighting pain as well.

Basically, I’ve had a rough couple weeks. I miss being able to wash my hair and shower. That’s okay though, because I’m feeling like my bright and shiny self again. I’m looking at this whole experience like a lesson.

Anyways, the point of the post.

This afternoon my mom brought me to the salon up the street. She gets her hair and nails done there. The owner of salon is an angel. We brought my shampoo and conditioner, and she washed my hair for me. She shampooed it three times, and then conditioned it. Then she put detangler in it, and combed it, and sat me under the blow drier. She even finished it off by blow drying it herself.


And she didn’t charge me. (A couple of weeks ago I paid $35 for a hair wash).

It was so, so, so appreciated.

We then got me a pedicure, and manicure. It is one of my mama’s favorite past times, and she said “With all you’ve been through, you deserve to be pampered”. I really have the best mama.

It was nice to hang out in the salon with my mama and this angel of a woman. There was no stress, and we are pretty similar. I also bought a foot cream and a nail polish because I couldn’t help myself. She couldn’t believe I was so positive.

As we left, she said she’d wash my hair whenever I needed it- just to give her a call and we could make a time to come up.

Thankful for the kindness of some people.


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