Special Patient

It’s pretty interesting.

I have all the symptoms of a urinary tract infection.

I have to be very in tune with my body right now. If something gets out of control I could get very, very sick again.

I didn’t have a fever, so we made our way this morning to the Urgent Care center at my local hospital. It’s not an emergency room, but they do have all of the facilities of one. You can go in, get all your tests and blood work done and get treated with IV medication if needed.

So we get there and we’re put into the minor care area. I was sanitizing my hands every few minutes, not wanting to pick anything up – there were people coughing and vomiting everywhere.

We see the doctor. Since he didn’t know me, we had to give him a little more history. The whole; messed up gallbladder surgery, totally blocked bile duct, septic shock, multiple biliary drain stuff. His response was comforting – “Good to see you,” he said.

“I’d like to do blood work,” he said. “Not because I have a serious concern but it’s more out of paranoia.”

So, for my UTI, I had blood work and a urine sample.

After they take everything they need, they send you over to where there are a bunch of sick people to sit until they get the results. Except for when you’re me. I sat in that chair for a little while, and then they gave me my own room. We wanted to reduce the risk of infection, which I appreciated.

When we left, with my prescription for a UTI, he said “It’s always good to do a little extra workup, given the history.” I appreciate how thorough he was, and found it kind of funny.

The good news, though, is that all the other levels were just fine. Plus he looked at the drain for me, since it was feeling a little itchy. It looks very good.

So, out of the last 28 days, I have spent a whopping 18 days in the hospital. I’m not complaining, since it’s what was necessary, but I need some ideas on how to make it fun.

I was thinking that playing pranks on the nurses would be fun, but my mom said no. So I’ll keep brainstorming. Maybe…taking silly selfies or something?


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