Future Thinking

Well, my mind has been a little chaotic.

Here’s the thing. I’m grateful I’m not dead. The infection I had is pretty intense, and has a high mortality rate. It takes months and months to recover from. This, combined with the uncertainty about my liver injury, makes for a pretty emotional Emily.

The good thing is I’m looking into the future.

I found myself a new coach. She’s local, she’s a professional triathlete and she seems awesome. We had a phone conversation and she knows my huge goals, that I’m motivated and that I’m essentially going to have to start from scratch when I return to the sport.

This is comforting.

I’m finding races to do. I’m not signing up, since many races have a “no refund, no transfer” policy.

What I am doing is listening to my body. I’m not letting the pain get ahead of me (the hole tube sticking out of my liver thing causes a lot of pain). I’m sleeping when I need to, eating what I want when I want (this is not as exciting as you’d think), seeing my doctor a minimum of once a week. I am walking more too, and moving a little faster.

My mama is a godsend.




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