#Merry and Bright

I’ve been having a lot of feelings lately. I’ve felt frustrated. I’ve felt sad. I’ve felt forgotten. I’ve had a burst or two of anger. Here’s the thing – the whole situation is

Mostly though, I’ve been thankful. I’ve remembered the joy it is to be alive. I’ve been reminded that human kind is a beautiful and genuinely good. I’ve felt remembered and loved and special.

A friend of my brothers, whom I’d never met, who just knew how sick I’d been took it upon herself to make sure I was remembered and loved. She sent my sister home from an outing at the coffee shop with a beautiful poinsettia, a card and a beautiful coloring book and colored pencils. I was floored. The kindness of a stranger who wanted me to know they were thinking about me and praying for me and were behind me for a full recovery. Still gets me a little misty eyed.

Then I’ve had conversations with people whom I only know through others, calling to send their love and to let me know to be in touch if they need anything.

As I’ve said, I’m generally a positive person. Even those negative emotions I can pretty much always spin to be positive, but these little tidbits I hold onto when the days get hard. I even am able to help friends and family put a positive spin on occasionally stressful situations.

In other news – the bad thing for the holidays has happened – my mama was hit by a car backing out in the parking lot. Thankfully she saw him and honked her horn and was able to brace herself for impact.

I’m here and relaxing and spending time with the peopNesle I love. I’m giving love and I’m soaking it all in.

Stay safe folks. Enjoy your loved ones. Slow down, put your phones away. Breathe in the smell of baking, and feel the crisp air on your cheeks when you go outside.

#ThisIsRecovery #SlowingDown #SoMuchLove




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