I’ve always wanted to write a blog. You know the kind they have movies about. Blogger writing a story, played out by characters in the movie as their voice narrates the important parts. In fact, I’m narrating this out loud as I type, trying to make myself sound important (It’s working).

At first, I thought it was because I wanted to be creative. I’m not artistic, don’t have enough co-ordination to move in any way that resembles grace, and definitely won’t be an interior decorator (the curtains in my room are multiple sizes, because I accidentally bought them that way)

But then I realized it’s because I want to inspire people. I’ve had a pretty crazy life so far, and deal with some pretty crazy circumstances but it’s not very often you can get me down. If I can share my outlook on life, and all the things I’m dealing with, it’s my hope and my intention that someone might be inspired, or look at life a little differently, or make a positive change in their lives.

Life’s an experience, and every day’s new. Join me as I work hard, train hard and look for love in an increasingly disconnected world.2014-09-13 17.44.55


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